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Dear Allan,


        I wanted to "Thank you" for fixing my car in such a timely way. It's running great now.


        My son-in-law Tony Thompson told me how busy you guys were, but you took the time to fix my 1996 Ford Explorer.


        I appreciate that so much.


Thanks Again,

Gail Shaw



Dear Masters,


        I am eager to express my gratitude for your impeccable customer service and work ethic. As a single mom of two, in a sluggish economy. I was truly blessed to not have a bill for your mechanical expertise. Had I sought services for my black 2000 maxima elsewhere surely I would have obtained a service fee. But, because you are a man who values customers more than a dollar, I had to personally submit a note of appreaciation. Mr. Masters, continue to keep people first.


Chante Gregory

Life Long Cusotmer

Dear Mr. Ed,


        I would like to say God Bless for people who are kind and caring like you people who have a sense of care and love of his fellow man seem to be far and in more words fail me to try and express how very much and appreciate your help to me.

        Sr. Richard Leo Smith age 90 - 6/6/1921 who cares! World war II Combat Veteran II Air Commando C.B.I (Navy Died).

         China - Burma - India

         Hell on Earth

         Married 55 years

         Wife (Died in 1995 cancer)

         Son - Richard Jr. P.H.D teacher in Japan

         Daughter a flower child, she could never get handle on life and still must try and help her.

         Some time bad things just happen of no fault of our own.


God Bless


I only have SC and a 15 hr part time job. All of my assets went to try and save my beloved wife.





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